"Ak Bars" Holding company OJSC

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420094, Kazan city, Korolenko st., 58
Phone (843) 511-45-50
Fax (843) 511-45-79

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 Company charter 19.05.2011
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 Annual report 2010 (in Russian)
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About Holding company

The history of the Holding company Ak Bars, stepped over the boundary of its tenth anniversary, originates in the glorious history of its enterprises.

The leading enterprises of the group were founded at the end of IX - the beginning of XX centuries and were at the beginnings of development of the most significant industries of the national economy of the country. The service honor of the Russian navy and air force, the construction of industrial giants and output of the first export products of the country are closely associated with manufacturing achievements of our plants.

Forming around itself commercial, industrial and construction group of companies the Holding company Ak Bars has become the locomotive for their further development. Our team managed not only to preserve economic potential of many Tatarstan enterprises but also to provide their stable growth.

We build cities and erect bridges, our ships patrol borders of Russia, airplanes carry passengers to many parts of the country. Sowings and harvestings are carried out on the fields, products with the stamp Ak Bars Holding get out from production lines.

We are socially responsible market oriented company. We create the conditions for people for steady development, make contribution to the formation of a healthy and moral society, to the cultural values preservation.

 We have effective management methods and systems, we always endeavor at perfection and look for the new horizons. Our main value is people. Our development concludes in innovations and relations, based on cooperation.

We give everyone the opportunity to work efficiently in the present and to look confidently to the future!