"Ak Bars" Holding company OJSC

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420094, Kazan city, Korolenko st., 58
Phone (843) 511-45-50
Fax (843) 511-45-79

Financial information

 Company charter 19.05.2011
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 Annual report 2010 (in Russian)
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Financial information

Strategy of Ak Bars Holding company OJSC is aimed at development and rise of investment potential of enterprises in the structure of the company. Holding company focuses on effective investments, diversification of business assets, partnership with strategic investors, providing of high level of management resources and  reasonable approach to financing.

Corporate strategy of the Holding company provides for:
 Increase of assets value by means of its complete modernization;
 Effective consolidations and acquisitions as to achieve synergy, including an inter-industry one;
 Effective monitoring and exposure of most advantageous markets both geographic and branch;
 Entrance to new growth markets, cultivation of new successful businesses;
 Leadership in operating industries.

Ak Bars Holding company is intended to implement its strategy by means of increase of inner potential of key business-areas and selective investments into new kinds of activity. While forming the investment plan Ak Bars Holding company sets its priorities on strategic business projects providing the effective development of the Holding company.