"Ak Bars" Holding company OJSC

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420094, Kazan city, Korolenko st., 58 à
Phone (843) 511-45-50
Fax (843) 511-45-79

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 Company charter 19.05.2011
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 Annual report 2010 (in Russian)
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“Ak Bars” Holding company produces a wide range of agriculture products and consumer goods and sells them through own trade networks.  Such closed chain of production and sale has the following advantages: it allows to provide high quality of the end product by means of quality control at all stages of its production and to maintain moderate price level by means of cutting of production costs.

The structure of the Holding company includes the wholesale enterprise selling poultry meat products – “Pestrechinka” Ltd and two retail networks – a retail network of brand stores selling poultry meat products “Pestrechinka” and a network of economy class stores “Pyaterochka”.

“Pestrechinka” stores being the official distributor of poultry farming block of the Holding company («Poultry plant «Kazanskaya» OJSC, «Agrofirm «Ak Bars-Pestretsy» OJSC and  «Poultry farming complex «Ak Bars» Ltd) provide customers with fresh and quality poultry meat products. “Pyaterochka” stores along with poultry meat products sell products produced by “Kholod” OJSC (fish, ice-cream) and “Seven breads” Ltd (bakery and confectionery) as well as household chemistry goods produced by “Khiton” OJSC.